Searching for God knows what

Do you have questions about God that you can’t find an answer to?  Maybe you lead a Bible Study or a Sunday school class and are looking for some good materials to use. Below are a few books published by InterVarsity press that we use frequently with our students.  If you are interested in using any for personal or group use, contact us at and we can get these materials for you at a 60% discount. For more details on the books or to see what else IVP offers, check out

· Knowing Scripture, R. C. Sproul: The best, most succinct resource we’d found for  teaching people how to read and interpret Scripture well.

· Discipling Essentials, Greg Ogden: Over 15 topics to use in a discipling relationship or small group setting that cover the basics of Christianity.  Each includes scripture study questions and a supplemental reading.

· Is Believing in God Irrational?, Amy Orr-Ewing: A short read that equips you to answer those with skepticalquestions like “How can I know God is real?” and “Is Christianity believable in light of other religions?”

· Being White, Harris & Schaupp: Our culture both celebrates and fights over ethnic & cultural differences.  In a multi-cultural world, what does it mean to be a white person?  How do we build relationships across ethnicboundaries?

· Stronger Than You Think, Kim Gaines Eckhert: A great book for women that focuses on revealing our brokenness and seeking healing even while we long to be whole.  Delves deeply into scripture and includes study questions.

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