Student Interviews: What’s God been up to?

Interview with Sarah H.

1. How has God used InterVarsity to affect your relationship with Him?
God has really used IV to strengthen my relationship with him over the past year. Especially by the other girls and my small group leaders, I’m constantly pointed back to what He says in His Word. Quite often I’ve gone to large group or small group feeling frustrated about a particular issue and the Lord speaks right to me with what the speaker’s topic is or the passage of Scripture we’re reading through that night. It’s such an amazing blessing to be a part of such a strong group of Christian men and women in the midst of all the craziness of life here at college.

2. What are some things God did at the recent chapter retreat and how do you think it will affect our IV chapter for the future?
If there’s one word I could use to describe chapter retreat it would be unbelievable. If you had told me before the retreat all the amazing things God was going to do, I probably wouldn’t have believed you. It was incredible to see Him work in the hearts of all the students, including mine, and watch two new brothers join the family of believers. I think the most amazing part of the weekend for me was the opportunity we got, as brothers and sisters, to really share our hearts with each about how we often hurt each other and what can be done to fix that. The topic of broken community – specifically between men and women – is something that the Lord placed on my heart at the beginning of winter break, and I was so excited when I learned that we were talking about it on the retreat. I’ve already seen the effects of the retreat in the way that we’re treating each other back on campus. People are really making an honest attempt to love each other as Christ calls us to love, and that’s an amazing thing. It’s an amazing thing when men and women of God can be honest with each other and call each other out on things and not feel awkward and bad for doing it, and I can see that alreadyhappening and it makes me so excited to see what God’s going to do with the chapter in the future if we really let Him work in our lives.

Interview with Matt W.

1. How has God used InterVarsity to affect your relationship with Him?
God has used IV a vast number of ways in order to bring me closer to Him. To be honest, I could never find a reason why I chose CNU over the other colleges that I got into to, but now I see that my path has always been paved. As I lived with my roommate Joe, who became really involved with IV, I started listening more to what God had to say through him and starting attending large group last year. IV large group was like nothing that I had ever experienced growing up in church, and worship here was strange at first, but is now wonderful and a fantastic way to praise my God. The speakers brought truth and grace and wisdom that I could relate to — again something that I never experienced. That year I took advantage of going to chapter retreat and saw first hand the Spirit moving within people. I still didn’tunderstand it, though, and was most likely frustrating the people that were praying for me the most. As the school year ended I eagerly went to Rockbridge (IV’s week-long summerretreat), where I surrendered myself to Christ on May 15th. Nothing I can say about Rockbridge and my experience with the Holy Spirit can really come close to the way I felt. IV has continued to be a place for fellowship and worship, things that I miss while at home, and is a much needed place for my spiritual life.

2. What are some things God did at the recent chapter retreat and how do you think it will affect our IV chapter for the future?
In terms of this year’s chapter retreat, I really saw the Lord working—especially in the guys who becameChristians there, like J.T. Knowing J.T. since freshman year, I must confess that I forgot about him, but I am thankful to have him as a brother and develop our friendship again as he brings so much to the community. I know that while at chapter retreat this year, God showed me my sin of not reconciling with the people that I call family. I was moved to seek out those I knew in high school, one that I worked with, to reconcile our relationship. Chapter retreat always brings a great leap in spiritual growth for me and my friends, and I am ever grateful that IV has the ability to put on these retreats that put God first and worship Him so wonderfully.

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