To Do Justice

A New Vision for ’09-’10

One of my (Eric’s) favorite things about ministry is that what I have to do never, ever changes: Preach the Good News of Jesus Christ to as many people at CNU as possible. Another one of my favorite things about ministry is that sometimes we do get to change exactly how we go about doing that. This coming school year is one of those times.

As I remember it from my undergrad years, there wasn’t much buzz on campus about social justice and ‘humanitarian’ issues. Well, just a few years later, there is…and a LOT of it! So while our 6 Vision Team students were at camp in May praying and thinking about the upcoming school year, they realized God was calling us to something different: let’s shift a few things we do, without ceasing to preach the Gospel, in order to reach the “Justice-Minded Non-Believer ” at CNU. Justice is after all God’s idea to begin with, so all we need to do is show them that in Scripture and in the life of our community.

Beth and I have been reading about justice this summer to prepare for teaching the students and are in fact re-discovering the Gospel in the midst of it; seeing how the Gospel is first and foremost for the poor-the poor in spirit and the literal poor. Books like Kevin Blue’s Practical Justice are convicting us that we, along with our students, “are called to be God’s reminder to those who suffer in poverty and injustice that he has not forgotten about them.”

How wonderful it is to see the Spirit of the Living God working in college students at CNU, leading them not only to think about the Christians who need a place for worship, fellowship, teaching, and encouragement, but also about those who have not yet seen their need for Christ and turned their lives over to him. (Seriously, they came up with this on their own. Beth and weren’t even in the room!)

Will you join us in prayer throughout this school year, pleading with God that those who already love InterVarsity will not be discouraged when we change a few things they’ve gotten used to, and most importantly, that a true spiritual harvest would be reaped among the lost, particularly, those among those who already love justice, but not yet the God of it .

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