Highs & Lows of the Fall Semester

Sometimes the little things need big prayer

Most of the time, what we experience on campus is a mix of great and not-so-great things. This semester has seemed to be like a wildly swinging pendulum. We’d like to give you an overview so you can be in prayer, both in praise and petition.

1. Higher numbers – We had so many students at the first large group meeting that we had to add chairs! We also had more people sign up for small groups than ever before – 196 – an 80 person increase from last year. Honestly, its hard to have a big chapter and care deeply for large numbers of people, but we still praise God that He is using IV to make Himself known to more students.

2. Students taking initiative – Community team leaders were planning New Student Outreach events before school even started this year – events we do during the first few weeks of school to welcome freshmen & transfers. Usually Eric and I are the catalyst that sparks a fire under our leaders, but this year they beat us to the punch! This means the students are truly owning the events – NSO is becoming a tradition.

3. Vteam praying – The leaders who usually ARE our planners have become pray-ers. Although we’ve tried to make prayer a priority during the last few years, sometimes you can’t tell if the message is getting through. Several times we’ve found the 6 Vision team leaders praying together on their own, as part of preparation for leading the chapter. We say, amen!

1. Beth’s campus work – Because of a heightened struggle with migraines and several other health conditions that cause her pain, Beth has had to cut back the amount of campus work she is doing this semester. She’s sad to not be able to meet with as many students, and we really need prayer that the Lord will use some new doctors to bring her healing and relief.

2. Some leaders hesitant – The switching of leadership positions from last year’s leaders to this year’s leaders was a bit rough in the last few months. Many leaders seemed hesitant to take over their positions, either because there was a great leader last year and they doubted their own abilities, or because of experiencing hardship & logistical problems. Even encouraging them, it’s been tough, but as the fall goes on we’re seeing them gain confidence.

3. Making ends meet – Its tough to tell you that our funding situation is a “low,” especially with all that the Lord has provided for us in the last few years – He is good! But, if we are honest, it will not be possible for us to stay in campus work long term if we remain at the same salary we’ve had for the last 4 years. The $20,000 we are lacking in our budget is specifically in salary, and we have been unable to jump this last hurdle. Please consider how the Lord may be asking you to help us stay at CNU – if you feel led to give, please use the link below.

Giving towards CNU InterVarsity

Thank you for your partnership with us as you lift these things up to the One who is sovereign!

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