Conferences that change hearts

222 and Urbana

November 20-22 was our annual Eastern VA InterVarsity conference. Each year we see how important the conferences are for our students; they provide a place to get away from the busyness of campus and time to focus on experiencing God as a community. This year’s tracks included Scripture, Prayer, Justice, Evangelism and Christianity Explored-a track for those wanting to investigate God and learn more about the basics of the Christian faith.

We have also found our own niches as far as leading at conference-Eric leading worship and speaking in a track, me running the book table and this year directing the Scripture track. After planning for many hours its always rewarding to see things come together-and even more rewarding to see students impacted by the truth of the Gospel. This year was especially exciting for us because of being joined by fellow alumni who volunteered for both worship and small group leading. The students commented several times on how great it was to have the volunteers there-people who are just a few years older than them, talking about how they lean on faith in their marriages, jobs, and everyday life.

Sadly, the economy affected our students in big ways this fall, and our numbers were lower over all at the conference. However, we believe that God brought all of those He intended to be there and will use those students to take the things they learned back to their campuses!

Many of you know that Urbana, InterVarsity’s missions conference is happening this December. This is a unique opportunity for our students, who get to hear speakers from all over the globe and meet other students from across the world. Please be in prayer for 25 of our students and Eric as they travel to St. Louis December 27-Jan 1. Please also pray for upcoming retreats in the spring-Vision Team Retreat Jan 9-11, Leadership Day Jan 16, and CNU’s Chapter Retreat Feb 12-14!

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