The Great Provider

God provides for His people through His people

Its amazing how we can know certain things are true of God (that He is mighty, that He is the only one who can provide for all of our needs) and yet not really believe that these characteristics will bless us personally (“I know He clothes the flowers of the field, but will He really help me?”)

In December we sent out a letter explaining the depth of our financial need as we do ministry full-time. Not even a full day after making our needs known, we were overwhelmed by quick and encouraging responses from so many of you! We were confronted with our own lack of faith in God’s goodness-but can now say with more confidence than ever that the Lord really does provide for His people, through His people!

In just a few months, He has poured out more than $15,000 in new funds! We’re able to use half of this money now to take a substantial raise for the first time in our staff career! The rest of it we’ll save and use over the next few years to ensure that we can sustain our new pay level over time. We are so grateful! Thank you to all of you who gave, and are continuing to give. We have been reassured of our calling to the CNU campus and spiritually uplifted by your letters and emails.

As the Lord says in Psalm 50, “the world is mine and all that is in it…and the cattle on a thousand hills” (Ps 50:10-12). We are blessed to be the recipients of all that He owns and has charge over. Thank you for being generous with the resources God has given to you!

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