Rockbridge – Beginnings & Endings

Senior Joe Wilbur sports his cap at our last large group of the school year.

This year we graduated about 40 seniors, many of whom were involved with InterVarsity their entire 4 (or longer…) years at CNU. Sometimes having a larger chapter can be quite difficult to manage, but sometimes it proves advantageous.

We weren’t planning on hosting the Life After College Track at camp this year because the week CNU was going was a very small week, and we wouldn’t have enough staff to run all of the tracks. Well, when our enormous class of seniors heard this, they were outraged (mildly). When we told our supervisors that we had 20 students who would definitely sign up for the track from CNU alone, they opened up the track!

It will be sad to see them go, especially since they were the first class of students that we’ve staffed for all 4 years, but we were delighted that so many of them were desperate to go to Rockbridge to receive the training and encouragement from a track aimed at transitioning them into graduate life, spurring them to a life of whole-life stewardship.

A small group of CNU seniors with Life After College track director Terri Shell

You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello

As the class of 2010 departs, we prayerfully anticipate the arrival of the class of 2014. Part of the preparations for the new year involved the 6 student leaders who were part of the Coordinating Teams Track at Rockbridge.

In this track, our “Vision Team,” consisting of our Men’s & Women’s Small Group Coordinators, Worship Team Leader, Large Group Coordinator, Events Coordinator, and our Prayer & Hospitality Coordinator spent the week learning about having a vision for our chapter and the campus, setting goals, and planning steps.

2010-2011 Vision Team

More importantly these students spent time praying to hear what God’s vision is for their lives and for the campus, and asking him to do the work in people’s hearts that we will never have the power to do. All real ministry begins and ends in prayer, because the start and finish of any good thing has its source in God.

Would you pray with us that we would be successful as we endeavor to provide a place of fellowship and outreach at CNU, that we would not only bless our chapter, but the entire campus (and maybe even the city of Newport News)!

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