The Year of the Lord’s Provision

In the past, most of our letters have followed this pattern: “God is doing amazing things on campus, but we are in serious need of thousands of dollars in funding. For the first time we are delighted to tell you that we finished this fiscal year in the black, myself being paid for 40 hours a week, and Beth at 20 hours per week.

Many of you ask, “Does this mean you are fully funded?” For the past year, yes! For upcoming years, we are in a great place, and will continue raising new support for future raises, and to address the increase in our health insurance in light of having a child. Rejoice with us, please! God has (THROUGH YOU!!) provided for our needs! We are thankful to God, and to his people who have sacrificed for the students’ sake.

Prayer Requests & Praises

1. Praise God for the blessing of a child, and ask that he would grant health to both mom and baby as we enter a busy season.

2. Ask the Lord to energize and motivate our student leaders as they prepare to reach out to incoming freshman.

3. Pray that God would put new students in our path who will hear and respond to the Gospel!

4. Ask the Lord to guide the InterVarsity staff in Eastern VA as we gather for fellowship and planning August 1-4.

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