Greek Ministry at CNU

One of the things that we are very excited about is what God has been doing among the Greeks at CNU (that is, Fraternity and Sorority students). Last year Lindsay Fauver was hired as the third InterVarsity staff at CNU-but Lindsay has been assigned to work with Greek students specifically.

About a month ago Paul and Rosemary Trible hosted a dessert at their house that gave Lindsay the chance to introduce Greek IV to the many Greek students that accepted the invitation. Upon hearing about the vision and mission of Greek IV as a distinct campus organization, designed to help bring the gospel of Jesus specifically to them, she had about 50 students sign up to be involved!

We are delighted that it seems that many of their hearts are softened to hear the message of the gospel. This cause for praise also comes with some sadness. Lindsay has had a difficult time raising her financial support, and has yet to be able quit her second job, which keeps her from being as effective on campus as we would like. Please pray for God to provide for her needs.

Support the Greek InterVarsity ministry at CNU

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