How’s the chapter doing?

We delight to tell you that the Lord is still doing amazing things through InterVarsity at CNU this school year. We have been quite busy in this first month and a half, but we promise, it is the Lord who has really been at work!

We had two very successful retreats at the beginning of the school year-one with our Vision Team (6 students), and one with our entire leadership team (45 students). We hosted an on-campus ice cream social that was fairly well attended, and got the news out about our ministry at the annual Club Fair.

Our leaders have given themselves so well to the task of disciplemaking and evangelism this year! It has been wonderful in just the first few weeks to hear of a few souls coming to know the Risen Savior Jesus Christ through our students’ testimonies!

We have a few less students regularly involved than we have had at this point in years past (probably about 200), but we pray that the Lord would continue to foster a love of the gospel in the lives of our students, and that they might in turn give their lives to share that same gospel with their classmates, roommates, professors, and friends!

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