Prayers for Pregnancy & Perseverance

Prayer Requests & Praises

  1. Please pray for continued health, strength and rest for Beth and the baby in these last few months of pregnancy.
  2. Please ask the Lord to rejuvenate student leaders and strengthen new believers during the 5 weeks of winter break.
  3. Praise God for 4 freshmen who surrendered their lives to Christ during the last half of fall semester!
  4. Ask for God’s presence and guidance for the InterVarsity staff in the Blue Ridge Region ( VA, NC & SC) as we gather for a conference on spiritual formation December 13-17.

Gambardella Family News

The time draws closer and closer for our baby boy to make his arrival. We are grateful for your prayers and encouragement in the last few months!

Much of Beth’s sickness has subsided, but she is still in need of prayer for severe joint and back pain as she seeks some relief in physical therapy. Our baby continues to be healthy (and an active kicker!) so join with us in praising God for this.

We hope that by our next newsletter we can introduce you to our new son!

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