Our First Child!

It’s a boy! Okay, most of you already knew that we were expecting a little boy this February. But just in case you haven’t heard, Julian Heath Gambardella was born to us on February 3rd, a healthy 6 lbs. 1 oz. and 19 inches long. Thanks for all of your encouragement and prayers through our difficult pregnancy! God is good in whatever circumstance, and we are delighted to be blessed with this child!

What’s in a name?
Thought we’d fill you in on the name Julian Heath. Julian is Eric’s maternal grandfather’s first name. Eric was very excited to name our son Julian because one of the most enduring memories he has of his grandfather (who passed away when Eric was 11) was finding him reading the Bible early in the morning. It is our prayer that our Julian will love God’s Word as much as his great grandfather. The middle name, Heath, is a bit simpler a story: it is Beth’s maiden name. We thought it would work well as a middle name, and it gives him family names from both sides!

Gifts for God’s Glory
The photos on the right of Julian were taken by Katelyn James Alsop, a CNU InterVarsity alumna who has her own professional photography business (www.katelynjamesblog.com).
Praise God for students who are able to graduate and use their gifts in their daily work!

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