We Covet Your Prayers

As we walk into the last month of the school year we have a number of things on our plate. One is that Beth will be learning how to come back to work at 20 hrs/week while being a stay-at-home-mom. We know it can be done, but would appreciate your prayers for wisdom on both of our parts as we walk into this new stage of life.

We are also desperate to remember that just because we’ve selected next year’s leadership team, have started making plans for next year, and the school year is only a few weeks from over, we don’t need to (even subconsciously!) assume that God is done working this year! Please pray that we and our leaders will work with all diligence until the very end of the year.

Lastly, pray for us as we recruit students to come to Chapter Camp with us at the end of the year to spend a week relaxing and learning much from the Lord. I (Eric) will be working with new Small Group Leaders during week 1, teaching them how to lead Witnessing Communities who study God’s Word together back on campus, and in the Kingdom Living track week 2, teaching students what some of the major implications of the gospel are and how they can live them out by faith in Christ!

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