Re-learning Ministry as a Family

We have really enjoyed getting to know our son since he was born. Julian is now an energetic 4-month-old who loves to smile, coo, and laugh. He has brought so much joy into our lives.

The students were delighted to meet him at our last large group meeting in April, and he did well traveling with us to chapter camp at Rockbridge in May. We look forward to having him with us as we begin a new school year in August!

Prayer Requests & Praises
1. Please pray for us as we re-learn how to do college ministry while caring for our son. Pray for balance, rest, and diligence.

2. Pray for our student leaders, that they would be refreshed by the break and continue to have close fellowship with the Lord while away from CNU. Especially lift up those doing foreign and local missions work.

3. Praise the Lord for his continued faithfulness in providing for our needs through the financial support we receive from alumni, families, and churches. We are blessed to end our fiscal year in a good place.

4. Praise God for providing a new location on campus for our large group meetings this fall, and pray that the transition into this new room would go smoothly.

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