God’s Faithfulness Across the Globe

Part of InterVarsity USA’s purpose statement includes the phrase “growing in love for…God’s people of every ethnicity Tablas (Drums)and culture.”  I cannot tell you how glad I am that that is one of their values!  When I was an InterVarsity student all those years ago the number one thing I learned was that God’s grace towards sinners ran much deeper than I knew.  But the number two thing is that God calls us to see that we have more in common with fellow Christians of other cultures than we do with non-believers of our own.

It’s now my delight to get to be a part of God doing that very same work with CNU students.  To that end (and as a bit of an outreach to the broader campus), we invited the band Aradhna (Uh-ROD-nuh) to do a free concert at CNU just before the end of the year.  Aradhna is a band of brothers who believe that Jesus Christ is the most valuable thing in the world, and they blend that value with their appreciation of Indian/Hindi culture and music.  (Please note, I mean “Hindi” as a culture and a language, not a religion.)

What we got was a glorious night of music that was very different from what we are used to hearing in every way.  TheSitar instruments were different (the acoustic and bass guitars were familiar, but not the sitar and tabla), the vocal patterns were different, the time signatures were often different, and the language was different-while a few of their songs are sung in English, most are in Hindi or Nepali.  But it was beautiful because it was Christ-centered, and it was very well done!  What a joyous night of being blessed by their testimonies about God’s work in India, and their bhajans (praise songs) to Jesus.  It was a delight to have our vision of God’s work and God’s people expanded just a bit.  It was also a delight to see some new faces at the concert, and we still hope and pray that the gospel they heard that night would sink deep into their hearts.

I encourage you all to check them out at www.aradhnamusic.com.  Their music is available on iTunes and through their website.

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