A New Home Sweet Home

First of all, thanks for your prayers for our health and travel.  

Our whole family spent 2 weeks at Rockbridge Alum Springs camp in May, and were blessed with mostly good health and good sleep (which is so important when you have a 16 month old with you)!  Julian started walking just before we got to camp, and he thoroughly enjoyed being with the students and playing with other IV staff kids.

Second, thanks to those of you who have been praying about our housing situation.

After 7 years of apartment-living, the Lord has provided a house for us to rent at an affordable price (which is a rare thing in Newport News)!  We are thrilled to be able to move just 2 miles down the road, staying close to CNU but having more space for our family and for hosting student get-togethers.

Our new home!

During the summer months, please pray for us:
  • For a smooth transition, energy, and patience as we move on June 9th
  • For good rest and refreshment as we vacation in late June
  • For the Lord to provide wisdom and joy as we plan for the 2012-2013 school year

  And for our students:

  • That they would also receive rest and refreshment from the Lord during summer break
  • And that they would be faithful witnesses to the Gospel wherever they may be.

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