A Glorious Time of Listening

There is a 3 hour event that happens only once a year that I honestly think is my favorite time in the entire year.

Each year towards the end of our week at camp each chapter takes some time to gather and share stories about what God has done in their lives during that week.  This year was no different.

For about 3 hours I got to sit and listen to the 60 CNU students that went to Rockbridge share about some of the things God had taught them that week, as well as share some of the passion that God has given them for reaching the campus in the Fall.

CNU IV Chapter, 2012

If it wouldn’t be so awkward to record on video I would do it, because I really would love for all of our support team to get to be a fly on the wall for that event. What a glorious time of listening as student after student shared about how God had radically changed their life that week.

Many shared about seeing that God’s grace runs deeper than their guilt, or realizing that there were parts of their lives that they thought God couldn’t handle, or realizing that there were things in their lives that they had thought they had “given over to God,” but in reality, they had not.

It was likewise encouraging to hear from students in our “leadership tracks” (our Small Group leaders’ training track, our track for Worship Team leaders, our track on Evangelism, and our track for our Coordinating Team) share about how they had been motivated and equipped to take the Gospel to the campus in the Fall.

2012-2013 Vision Team

But certainly the most emotional group to hear from were the graduating seniors in the Life After College track.  Bittersweet is still the best word to use to describe what  it feels like to send our graduates out into the world after knowing them and loving them for the past 4 years.  It is also such a blessing to see the way those students have blessed the ones they leave behind-most clearly seen in the tears of the students who will return to school in the Fall.

Thank you all for your prayers and your financial support.  Many of you, on top of giving to Beth and I so that that we can do what we do, gave to our students so that they could afford to come to camp with us.  We could never do it without you!

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