By His Grace – a student testimony by Christian Holmes

My name is Christian! I’m a rising senior here at CNU and I’ve been involved with InterVarsity (IV) since my first week on campus. I wanted to tell you all about what IV has taught me. Maybe it will help you understand how big an impact your generosity is having on students’ lives!

I came to CNU to major in philosophy, and let me just tell you, I fit the profile. I was a know-it-all who worshiped his own knowledge and understanding of the world. Although I did believe in Jesus, I saw Him more as an idea that I could grasp to better help me understand the world or some avenue through which I could become smarter. In other words, my “relationship” with Jesus was completely built around me and my own self-worship. I didn’t fear God or praise Jesus for his cross. I feared being wrong about anything in the entire world and praised myself for how brilliant I thought I was.

I made some Christian friends in the first couple days on campus and we went to IV that first Thursday. We sat down, stood up, sang some songs, and then Gamby (Eric Gambardella) preached the Gospel to us. And it BUGGED me! It didn’t make me mad or anything, but I sure did feel uncomfortable. I felt like that guy up on the stage was a real jerk for implying that I wasn’t amazing on my own. Of course, I never would have said that, but the Gospel really got under my skin. I didn’t like the idea that I “couldn’t do it on my own” or that I “needed saving”. As far as I was concerned, Jesus’ chief purpose was to reflect my own intelligence. Don’t I just sound like the worst? Really, you can say it.

As the year went on and I became more familiar with what the Gospel was, my sinful heart just turned the truth of God’s Word into another piece of knowledge that I could us to build my ivory tower of self-worship. I felt like I had everything under control until my Sophomore year hit. That was probably the worst year of my entire life. It seemed like God was tearing down every last one of my idols, and I was going down kicking and screaming. Suddenly, my grades, my relationships with my friends, and my ministry endeavors were all collapsing around me.

That’s when I think God finally got to me, and He used IV to do it. By God’s grace, because of the relationships I had with brothers in the faith, I began to approach Him honestly and humbly. Brothers in IV started to talk to me about sin, suffering, and pain. From there, they taught me about the Cross, the empty tomb and GRACE! For the first time, I started to see my life clearly. Jesus is not some “idea” He’s the one, true, and LIVING God! What’s more is that I am not some brilliant, young, budding intellectual. I am a wretch and a sinner, who is made clean and new only by God’s grace! I am a new creation who doesn’t have to prove himself through his academics because Jesus is my righteousness. I praise God every day that He used the community here at CNU IV not only to keep me in community while I wrestled with my sin, but to catch me when I finally broke and to walk with me into new life!

Thank you so much for your support. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. My life has been transformed by this ministry that you make possible through your generosity.

By His Grace,
Christian Holmes

Christian is a senior at CNU.  He is currently serving at Men’s Small Group Coordinator, helping other men learn to lead others to Christ through studying the Scriptures.  This past summer he was a student writer for On Campus, On Purpose – InterVarsity’s national blog.  

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One thought on “By His Grace – a student testimony by Christian Holmes

  1. Thanks for sharing this wonderful testimony of how the Lord has been working in your life through IV. We are privileged to be a small part of this ministry. May God continue to grow you and bless you as you serve Him on CNU;s campus!

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