Dangerously Close to the Beginning


My update will be shorter than usual to leave room for one of our students to share his InterVarsity experience with you.

We are dangerously close to the beginning of the 2012-2013 school year and looking very forward to it!  What an honor and privilege it is to be called to such a work as ministering to 5000 college students.

Here is a rundown of what we have going on (which can certainly function as a list of things you can be praying for!).

We will be having a couple of fun events on campus to welcome back old students and introduce ourselves to the new ones.  Please pray that we would truly be a welcoming community that people near to and far from Jesus would want to be a part of.

Beth and I do a lot of leadership training with our student-leaders at the start of the year.  We look forward to reminding them of the Gospel of grace, offering insight on how to best reach the unreached on campus, and encouraging them that it is worth the immense sacrifice of their time and energy!

Most of this semester’s Large Group meetings will focus on answering the question “What are God’s Purposes in the World” by looking at a “highlight reel” of the Old Testament.  Pray that God would open eyes and soften hearts as the students hear that God has been whispering the gospel all along from the time of the Fall—all the way to John the Baptist’s thundering shout “Here is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!”

Lastly, we are hoping to take about 40 students to the triennial Urbana Student Missions Conference in St. Louis from Dec 27 to Jan 1.  Pray that our students would be given hearts that break for the unreached and hurting all over the globe.

In Christ,

Eric Gambardella

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