Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

This summer was a busy one for our family.  We were blessed to be able to move into a more spacious home, but with

that comes the exhaustion of packing and unpacking and slowly getting settled.

Beth’s migraines also took a turn for the worse amidst the severe summer heat (apparently the hottest on record in our area).  She is now working with a nutritionist to try to pinpoint any foods that may be triggering the headaches.

We were able to sneak in some rest & relaxation during a week of vacation on the Outer Banks with Beth’s family.  And, Eric was able to take a seminary class at Reformed Theological seminary in Washington, D.C. along with our pastor, Kevin Hass.

Julian has finally stopped growing like a weed (well, he’s still growing, but fortunately for our clothing budget, he’s slimming out a good bit).  He turned 18 months old on August 3 and is a ball of energy.  His favorite things are dogs, bubbles, Sesame Street, and playing his daddy’s drums.

Photo by Lindsay Fauver Photography

As we begin the fall semester please pray for us:
  • For good health as we head into the busiest month of our year (August 15-September 15) which includes 2 student retreats, speaking at multiple large group meetings, and meeting lots of new students.
  • For the time we spend serving in our own church (By Grace Community Church) as we move into a new building in the Newport News City Center.

  And for our students:

  • That our leaders would be willing to sacrifice of their time, energy and desires in order to minister to those around them
  • Particularly for small group leaders, that they would be bold in invitation and confident in their knowledge of the Gospel
  • For the Freshmen of the Class of 2016 – that those who do not know Jesus would come to saving faith through the witness of fellow students.

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