Fall Update: Retreats, Conversions & Volleyball

Fall of 2012 has been the smoothest start to a school year we’ve had so far.  This begins our 7th year at CNU as campus staff.

Some highlights from the last few months:

We’re happy to have Robert Seals working with us this year – he’s spending his first year on staff training with Eric here at CNU.  Rob is an excellent story-teller and has a boldness and clarity in sharing the Gospel that we love.  In fact, he was blessed to lead one CNU student to Christ during his first month on campus!

Rob teaching at retreat

Robert, sharing his testimony

Leadership Retreat, August 31- Sept 2, included teaching on what it means to seek God Himself (and not just his blessings).  We did some training with small group leaders on one-to-one disciple-making, talked about how we differ or are similar to other campus ministry groups, and wrapped up by encouraging them to be extra-intentional in their pursuit of friendships with non-believers.

Eric at leadership retreat

Eric teaching at leadership retreat

The final morning of the weekend included surprise visits from some recent alumni (Joe Wilbur, Melissa Milligan, & Colleen Kramar, all class of 2010) who gave great words of encouragement (the hard work of leading is worth it!) and our Vision Team members chose to wash the feet of the leaders, modeling Jesus’s selfless service to his disciples.

Feet washing

Vision team, preparing to do foot washing

Most recently, we held our annual Small Group Volleyball tournament.  Its so exciting to see traditions passed down from year to year, and we realized that this tournament is now in its 6th season.  It seems like school has just begun, and yet large groups of students showed up, dressed in themed costumes, showing just how much growth and community has been built in the last 4 weeks.

Many years, it takes until December for small group members to really bond and form close friendships.  This year, we’ve already had groups grow close enough to name themselves (like men’s freshmen group “The Wolfpack”, led by Joel Archieri and Justin Hernandez).  We’ve also heard stories of deep conversations, brokenness and spiritual healing happening as the groups study Scripture together.

Below are a few of our favorite photos from the volleyball tournament.  You can also view an entire album of photos via Facebook, thanks to the photography of CNU student Chris Bopp.

Vision Team Volleyball

Vision Team dressed as characters from Winnie The Pooh

Wolfpack small group

“The Wolfpack” – a freshmen men’s small group, prepares to play.

Pirates small group

A women’s small group dressed as pirates!

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