An Autumn Petition: In Feast or Fallow

I think most of us enjoy the Autumn season, especially after an oppressively hot summer like the one we experienced this year in Newport News.  The cooler weather swept in about mid-September, bringing with it a sense of relief and refreshment.

Fall flowers on campus

Sandra McCracken, one of our favorites singer-songwriters, put out a new album in the fall of 2011.  (You can listen to full versions of all of the songs here.)  Feast or Fallow seems to have an Autumn theme, recalling God’s promises of Spiritual provision whether our earthly harvest seems lacking or plentiful.

We want to share these songs with you because they have been a blessing to us.  The album reminds us, in the words of hymn writer Anne Steele, that “Gratitude is a shield against fear and self-absorption. It makes the heart quiet and poised to listen.”

feast or fallow

So we pray with Anne and with Sandra for hearts that are full of thankfulness.  And we praise God for all the provision he has made for our souls eternally in Christ, and all the earthly provision he has made for us through many of you, as donors to our ministry.

We also want to share with you about our current financial needs.

This fiscal year (which runs July ’12 to June ’13), we are about $25,000 short of what our budget requires.

In the midst of continuing financial struggles nation-wide, its understandable that many cannot give as freely as they once did.  However, in the last 6 months, we have either lost funding or taken substantial cuts in our support from 5 of our largest donors (3 of which are local churches).  This quickly put us in a place of need.

fall mountains

We’re asking folks to consider giving $50-$100 a month to the InterVarsity ministry at CNU (particularly new alumni, who have recently landed full-time jobs).  If just 20 of you reading this article sign on at $100 monthly or a single gift of $1000+, we will be sufficiently provided for.

rocking chair

If we aren’t able to raise this money by the Spring, it will begin to come out of our personal monthly salary and our campus hours will be limited as we seek to spend more time fundraising.

As you enjoy the cooler weather and colorful leaves this season, we’d ask you to consider where the Lord has you in the spectrum of feast and fallow.

  • If you’re in the valley and learning how to depend on the Lord to make your ends meet, we encourage you to trust in his faithfulness.
  • If you find yourself in a season of plenty (or even just a little extra) we encourage you to consider sending a gift our way to help us stay the course in our journey at CNU and sharing the plentiful grace of the Gospel on campus.

To make a one-time gift or set up a series of recurring gifts, go to

If you have any questions about giving, feel free to email Eric at


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