Fully Fall: Family time, Blue Ridge mountains & Homecoming preparations

Right now, life is extremely full – but it is good.  We’re traveling or running retreats on most weekends this fall, so please pray for stamina and energy for us during this season.

In August and September, we got some great time with our families.  Our parents are a huge blessing to us, and their frequent care of Julian makes it possible for Beth to continue working part-time and speaking at retreats.

Julian with Pop

Julian with Pop (Beth’s dad, Bob Heath)

Thanks for your prayers for our health.  After 6 weeks of working with a nutritionist and keeping a strict diet, we have ruled out all food triggers for Beth’s migraines. (This is a relief to her, since it means she can eat chocolate again!)

Although we haven’t found a quick-fix, we’re relieved that she’s had very few headaches in the last few months and even enjoyed a 3 week period with no headaches at all.  We’ve also stayed healthy as a family, by God’s mercy avoiding the coughs and colds that seem to be permeating the households of many of our friends.

Beth at UVA

Beth, on campus at UVA, on one of our stops as we traveled to the western part of the state

Eric at UVA

Eric sitting on the porch of the rotunda at UVA, during our trip out to the mountains

In early October, our continued health enabled us to take a short weekend getaway to the Blue Ridge mountains.  We rented a cabin with some friends, attended a wedding of 2 alumni (Garrett Maroon, ’09, and Rachel Fralick, ’12), and did some leisurely driving on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Blue Ridge mountains

Blue Ridge mountains at Wintergreen

In the coming months, please pray for us:

  • As we travel to KY to see family at Thanksgiving and Eric travels to St. Louis, MO for Urbana in December.
  • For all the many details that need to come together for Eastern VA Fall Conference, November 9-11 (as Eric directs worship and Beth directs the Scripture track).

Fall Conference

 And pray for our students:

  • For 2 freshmen women attending Fall Conference who are new to Christianity and still exploring their faith.  Pray that the Spirit would move in the hearts and they would see Jesus as the living God, worthy of glory and praise.
  • For the small group leaders, that they would be diligent in their preparation and friendships with group members, even in the middle of the semester amidst midterms and other busyness.

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