Eastern VA Fall Conference 2012

EVA LogoEric and I agreed that this year was by far the best fall conference we’ve ever had.

  • We’re settling into our roles – this was year 4 of Eric directing worship and me directing the Living Word track.
  • For the second year in a row we had over 250 students from across Eastern VA in attendance, 70 from CNU.
  • We even sold more books this year than we ever have (I personally love that we can pass on solid Christian books at super cheap prices thanks to our discount from IV Press)!
  • But the best part of all is that our students were powerfully affected by the Gospel message.  2 out of the 4 students who became believers at conference were from CNU!

Here’s a few snapshots from the weekend:

Worship band

Eric was able to play drums during worship, on a team of students and InterVarsity alumni (including CNU alums William White (’09), and Sam Kang (’03).

Students in worship

Students in worship

Inductive Study

In Living Word, we talked about the Bible’s inspiration and authority.  We spent all of Saturday morning learning about Inductive Bible Study – using the OIA (Observe, Interpret, Apply) Method, and writing our notes and questions on manuscripts of the text.

Who I Am in Christ

We also made space for some processing time where students could view art based on the Scriptures, created their own art, or engage with some interactive prayer stations.

God's Word Art

Painting by CNU senior Maria C.

John 1 Art

Painting by Beth, based on John 1:14 in the Message

Perhaps my favorite part of the track this year was using The Jesus Storybook Bible videos to help the Scriptures “come alive” in the student’s minds.  This amazing children’s Bible is also a great read for adults! If your devotional life has been dry lately, give this little book a try – the author easily explains deep theological truths and chances are, you’ll be strongly moved by its theme of God’s “never stopping, never giving up, unbreaking, always and forever love” for His people.  Check out the beautifully illustrated Genesis 1 story here.

Jesus Storybook Bible

Overall, it was a fantastic weekend. Thanks for your continued prayers for us as we learn how to better teach, lead and witness to the students we meet.  There’s nothing like a conference to remind us of just how much we love working directly with students and helping them learn more about Christ and know Him better.


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