Spring 2013: Campus & Family

In March, we hosted special guest speakers Andreas Kostenberger and Dr. R.C. Sproul, Jr.  The students really enjoyed their messages.  Dr. Sproul hosted a special Q&A session after large group to engage questions about apologetics and evangelism.

Dr. Sproul doing Q&A with our students.

Dr. Sproul doing Q&A with our students.

In April, we had our annual Senior Party to celebrate the graduating seniors.  Class of 2013 is one of the biggest classes we’ve had in our fellowship.  Beth put together a slideshow that summarized some of the major events and goals of our chapter in the last four years, and also spoke some words of encouragement and challenge to the seniors as they prepare to leave.

Senior Party

Senior Party

Class of 2013

Class of 2013

We’re also saying goodbye to Robert Seals, as he finishes his intern year and prepares to work as full-time campus staff at UNC Greensboro next year.  We’ve appreciated his friendship and will miss his help on campus in the fall!


Robert, speaking at large group

Student Cassy McKenzie singing during large group worship.

Student Cassy McKenzie singing during large group worship.

We’re preparing to leave for chapter camp at Rockbridge Alum Springs tomorrow morning!  Please pray for the 65 CNU students who are attending camp this week.  We have a handful of non-believers who are coming – pray for their hearts to be receptive to the Gospel.  Its not unusual for camp to be the place that students accept Christ for the first time.


In June, we’re excited to enjoy a change in pace while the students are away.   (We’re also glad that we’re not moving again this summer!)  We’ll be taking some vacation time in upstate NY as we travel there for a family wedding.


We’ll also be working on fundraising and preparing for the fall semester.  Please pray for our funding as we are still about $8,000 short of what we need to end the fiscal year in the black.

  • Would you consider partnering with us financially to help us end well?  Just 8 people providing gifts of $1000+ would take care of our deficit.  Gifts for the ’12-’13 school year need to be received by June 30th.
  • Or, would you pray about partnering with us on a monthly basis for the coming school year?  As we look to the fall, we’re hoping to increase Beth’s campus hours again.  In order to do this, we’re looking for 15 new donors giving in the $50-$100 a month range.

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