10 New Student Outreach Events

Chapter Camp in May was fantastic, and the summer has provided some time to rest, spend time with family, and spend some significant time seeking the financial support we need for this ministry and planning things for the new school year.

CNU Chapter 2013 at Rockbridge

CNU Chapter 2013 at Rockbridge

Us with the Vision Team

Us with the Vision Team

And now, T-minus two weeks! In just two weeks the Class of 2017 will be moving to campus.  And in three weeks the rest of CNU will join them for the start of the 2013-2014 school year.  We are thrilled that God has seen fit over the years to use this ministry to bless the students, faculty, and staff of CNU.

We would love to give you some specific things to pray about over the course of the next few weeks.  As you probably know, the first month of classes is the most critical in terms of helping as many students as possible find a home-away-from-home at InterVarsity.


Here are some of the things going on this semester:

Within the first two weeks of classes (August 25 – September 8) we will have a total of 10 major events! 

1) A Leadership Meeting,

2) A Table at the Club Fair,

3) Dinner & Games for New Students,

4) A giant game of Twister on the Great Lawn,

5) A “Cake Bash,”

6) A Cookout,

7 & 8) Our first two Large Groups of the year where Beth and myself will be speaking,

9) A Beach Day/Cookout at Huntington Beach, and

10) a weekend Leadership Retreat.

Captains flag

We will have a weekend retreat for our Vision Team just two weeks after that.  If you’ve ever heard me joke that “sleep is for October,” now you know why!

We would covet your prayers that God would remind us and our student leaders how good and freeing it is to know Christ and his Gospel, and give us the energy and the diligence to do everything we can to welcome new (and old) students in these first few weeks.

A side note on Large Groups for Fall 2013

This fall we’re putting together a Large Group series that is called “Watch Out!” We will be looking at a few of the things Scripture commands us to “be careful/beware of,” “look out/watch out for,” knowing that this is God’s way of letting us know where we are vulnerable.

Students worshipping during large group last year

Students worshipping during large group last year

We are also expecting to have Matthew Smith & Indelible Grace in concert on October 10.  They did such a great job at large group 3 years ago that we just couldn’t wait to have them back! (Check out  www.matthewsmith.us and www.igracemusic.com for more info.)

This event is about 90% confirmed, please pray that the other details fall into place!

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