Leadership Retreat In Pictures

Here are some photos from our annual Leadership Retreat at Triple R Ranch in Chesapeake, VA!  September 6-8, 2013.  As always, it was a great weekend packed with training, equipping, and just plain fun.

The weekend began by packing out our jeep at Costco.  35 college students eat A LOT of food!  (And mostly chocolate chip cookies.)

2013-09-06 13.02.09

This year we switched things up and stayed in the bunkhouse, so Triple R could accommodate another larger group in the Ponderosa.


Trainwreck.  2013 marks 10 years since CNU IV’s first leadership retreat, and 10 years of this “get-to-know-you” ice breaker game being played every fall.

2013-09-06 18.53.47

Time for worship…
2013-09-06 19.45.16

And we wrapped up Friday night by Beth reminding them of the heart of the Gospel message by using the “shrinking cross” diagrams (based on teachings from Jack Miller of World Harvest Mission).


The basics of this teaching can be found in WHM’s new small group curriculum, The Gospel Centered Life.  The point is to show that we often “shrink” the cross by not seeing God as holy as he is or seeing ourselves as sinful as we really are.  However, as we grow and mature in our walk with Christ, our understanding of God’s holiness and our sinfulness should become clearer, and we should perceive the work of Christ’s cross as growing, not shrinking.

cross diagram2

cross diagram

Saturday day was a full day that started by enjoying the beautiful scenery.


Then we had some more time for teaching and studying the Word.


2013-09-07 09.57.17

2013-09-07 16.45.28

Saturday afternoon we had some free time to enjoy the pool and walk around the ranch.


We spent all of Saturday evening doing evangelism training.  Beth shared a testimony of her evangelistic journey and learning how to witness to the people we naturally interact with on a daily basis.

Eric spoke on the five “thresholds” non-Christians often pass through as they enter into Christian community and ultimately accept Jesus as Savior.  They are: 1. Trust, 2. Curiosity, 3. Openness, 4. Seeking, 5. Conversion.  We even had one leader tell us that she remembered walking through all 5 steps during her freshman year as she first started coming to IV and then finally gave her life to Christ, and is now leading with us!  For more info on the thresholds, check out IVP’s I Once Was Lost.

Then, Eric role-played with a student as an example of helping a friend move from one threshold to another.

2013-09-07 20.42.33

And then all of the leaders did some role-playing, too!

Thanks to a generous donation from a local church, we were able to give every leader a copy of Marks of the Messenger by Mack Stiles, so they can continue to learn about evangelism and process their experiences throughout the semester.

And then, the students closed the night by praying for themselves and for the campus.

2013-09-07 21.18.46

Sunday morning, the students spent time in teams (small group leaders, worship team, outreach team, etc.)




And then the Vision Team prepared to wash the feet of the leaders, as Jesus washed his disciples’ feet showing humility and service in leading.





Then we took a group picture, and headed back to campus!

CNU IV Leadership Team 2013-2014

CNU IV Leadership Team 2013-2014

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