Alive Again: 2014 Chapter Retreat

Our annual Chapter Retreat has earned the reputation of being the best and most important single event of our year.


Each year we invite any CNU student who wants to come to join us at Triple-R Ranch in Chesapeake for a weekend of fun, fellowship, and of course some time digging deeply into God’s Word.


On Jan 24-26 we had 80 students join us as we studied the 3 parables of Luke 15, focusing particularly on the so-called “Parable of the Prodigal Son.” Of course, what we see when we study this parable is that it is a story about two lost sons, and a father who is willing to bear absolutely any amount of suffering to see his relationship with his sons restored.


Most of the students who came are already following Jesus and were reminded of the grace they have received, and encouraged to live more boldly in light of that good news.  But a handful of the students that came are not yet following Jesus, and they were encouraged to reflect on the trajectory of their lives, and consider the goodness of the Relentless Father that Jesus spoke of.


One thing that was particularly exciting was that a handful of girls prepared a surprise ‘First Birthday’ party for our student Julie, who gave her life to Jesus at last year’s Chapter Retreat!

L to R: Julie and Maria

L to R: Julie and Maria

Enjoy the slideshow below that’s filled with vibrant images of our weekend and the many faces of our chapter this year – once you watch it, you’ll feel like you were there!  (Also – view heart-felt student responses to the weekend in our Prodigal Son Prayer Room .)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Pictures by Katherine Canaday, Kayla Vande Vrede and Beth Gambardella.

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