Ending Well, Starting Strong

Our Need was Abundantly Met…

Last month we wrote to you about being $7,000 under budget for our fiscal year.  We issued our Alumni Challenge 2015, asking alumni in particular to give a $50 one-time gift and consider giving monthly toward our ministry for the upcoming school year.  Then we prayed – a lot. And God used you to answer our prayers!  Our goal was $7000 and we more than met that goal!

Our colleagues at IV’s National Service Center have been working hard to crunch all the numbers and we just found out that we not only ended our fiscal year in the black, but with an overage of $3400!


…So We Abundantly Say Thanks…

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you who gave to help us end well – because now we are starting the new school year strong.  We feel rested from our Sabbatical and reenergized by the outpouring of support we received.

So here’s a little run-down of thanks:

  • Thanks to our ministry partners who give regularly on a continuing basis (some of you for the past 9 years)!  You are the ones who supplied $93,000 last year to cover our salary, health care needs, and ministry expenses (that pay for us & our students to do things like retreats, campus evangelism, and freshmen outreach).
  • Thanks to our alumni27 of you gave one-time gifts of $50 or more totaling over $2500!  Wow.
  • Thanks to the local churches who support us and gave extra gifts totaling close to $4000!  You guys helped us make the big leap from deficit to overage!
  • Thanks to our friends and parents of current students who also gave sizable gifts toward our year-end push.



…And Continue the Challenge.

Goal #1 was to raise over $7000 in just 30 days – and God blew us away with His generosity in June.  Now we continue laboring to add to our monthly support in order to increase our salary to functional level.  Goal #2 is to add 40 new ministry partners by December 2014 who will pledge to give between $50-$100/month.

Here’s what’s in view:

Fundraising Thermometer


Since June 1st, 6 alumni have already committed to giving monthly for a total of $4,000/year.  Will you consider joining our support team to help us take a much-needed raise, and secure our ministry on the CNU campus?  Will you be one of our 40?




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