4 ways to pray for New Student Outreach

This Sunday begins a week FULL of InterVarsity events we like to call “New Student Outreach” (NSO).  In the midst of so many new people, leadership training, and daily activities, we feel our need for prayer during this season more than any other time of the year.

Here’s how you can pray for us.

Vteam 20141.  Pray for RELATIONSHIPS

Our goal is to not just do a bunch of events but to make meaningful connections with students.  Pray that our leaders and core members can have fruitful conversations with new students (not just “Hey, wanna sign up for more info about our club?”).  We want to bring people into genuine community.

2.  Pray for LOGISTICS

It blows my mind when I think about how much grace we need to have 5 straight days of activities happen without any major catastrophes.  Really – pray that we have the right amount of food, enough flyers, and that all of our room reservations are correct.  Ask for abundant mercy in our details and materials — they’re the tools that help us communicate the Gospel.

3.  Pray for FOLLOW-UP

This looks like 40 leaders contacting 300+ freshmen who sign up/give us their info during the course of the week.  Pray for our leaders as they knock on doors of people they have never met – for boldness and clarity as they invite.  Pray over their phone calls and text messages and that the recipients would respond.

4.  Pray in the MOMENT

Follow us on social media to see pictures and get live-tweets of what’s happening.  Then you’ll be reminded to pray as the events are going on. You’ll get the joy of seeing it like you were right there on campus with us – AND you can post encouraging messages for our students (alumni – I’m leaning on you here)!

Twitter: @cnuiv     Instagram: cnuintervarsity

NSO Events Graphic 2014

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