How you can pray in October & November

Here’s 4 quick updates about being back on campus, our ministry support, an upcoming surgery, and prayer requests for the rest of the fall.

2014-09-23 Forbes Tree


Entering back into campus life after begin on Sabbatical for so many months felt a little bit like being hit by a whirlwind.  But we’re overwhelming excited at how healthy our life feels now thanks to the break we were given.

We can’t put into words just how different it is to do ministry this fall, from a place of rest and balance, than it was last year when we were feeling burned out.  We feel able to engage with students in deep ways and yet have also been able to retain some margin in our life for personal rest, attending a church small group, and enjoying things as a family.

2014-09-26 Air Show

Julian & Eric at the VA Beach air show.


As we continue our #40alumnifor$40K campaign, we’ve seen 4 more alumni join our support team in the last month.  This means we have gained 10 of the 40 new ministry partners we are seeking, raising just over $10,000 since June!!!

If we add 10 more individuals or families giving at $50-$100/month by December 31 (putting us halfway to our goal), we will be able to take the first step of our raise, and Beth can increase her time on campus by 5 more hours/week.

Give online at  Will you be one of our 40?

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 2.53.57 PM


Thanks to all of you who continually pray for me (Beth) as I work though various types of illness.  The doctors discovered recently that I have a deviated septum and a bone spur in my sinuses that could possibly be triggering nerve pain (and may be the cause of my migraines being so severe)!  I’m expecting to have outpatient surgery to remove the bone spur and repair the septum sometime in the month of October.

Please pray with us that this might be the main cause of my migraine severity, and that this operation would bring big change for me, health wise.  Please also pray that my recover would be quick and relatively easy and that I would be able to return to campus within a few weeks.

2014-08-10 J & Mommy


Pray for growth in our small group communities – that students would form close relationships, learn how to study the Bible together, and boldly invite their friends and roommates.

Praise God for several students who have already accepted Christ and/or recommitted their lives to Him just in the last 6 weeks!

Pray for our intern, Brent Campbell, as he adjusts to being at CNU – that he would feel supported and freed to learn in a new environment, and that we would be able to train him well for ministry at another school.

Pray for our students’ hearts as they hear staff speak on a Biblical understanding of ethnicity at the Eastern VA InterVarsity Fall Conference in Hampton, November 21-23, and that this conference would be well attended even though it is addressing an often difficult topic.

Brent Campbell, a UNCW grad, is working with us at CNU this year.

Brent Campbell, a UNCW grad, is working with us at CNU this year.


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