Ethnicity & Culture: Fall Conference 2014

2014-11-24 20.16.13God’s timing is perfect – and before the recent events of Ferguson, MO ever took place, He knew our area fall conference topic was going to be Ethnicity.  November 23-25, students from universities all across Eastern VA gathered to hear about God’s story of ethnicity and culture.

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Derek Mondeau, InterVarsity area director for VA Highlands, spoke about ethnicity in light of the Gospel:

Creation: That we were created good – in God’s image – and commanded to spread throughout the earth, developing different cultures and fully modeling the diversity of the Lord Himself.

Fall: That we did not obey God’s commands, rebelled against him and refused to love each other, and the dispersion at the tower of Babel was actually a blessing from the Lord to help us fulfill his mandate.

Redemption: That Christ came to reconcile us to God and to each other (Ephesians 2) and that the healing we need now can only happen through the cross.

Restoration: That through Christ, God is making all things new. This restoration begins now, as He calls us to follow Him and lead the way in racial reconciliation on our campuses.  And it will ultimately come to completion at the end of time, where we will worship with “every tribe, tongue and nation” before the throne of God.

Eric and I were thrilled to be able to lead worship with a team of CNU IV alumni who are some of the best musicians we know – and watch the students respond in powerful ways.

I was also delighted to get to use my creative gifts and work with Derek to create 5 interactive stations for the Saturday afternoon activity.  Students received a booklet with Scripture and questions and were able to write their thoughts on boards for others to see.  Their posts were emotional, raw, and deep.  They also had the opportunity to talk with staff or small group leaders and receive prayer.  One attendee told me, “This was the most powerful experience I’ve ever had at a conference.”

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The highlight of the weekend was seeing our student, Camey, stand up on Saturday night, signifying that she was accepting Christ as savior for the very first time.  We rejoiced with her and celebrated during chapter time with our annual tradition of Krispy Kreme donuts!

Please take a few minutes and view the pictures below of some exceptionally moving moments from fall conference.  This is some of the hardest work we do all year, and we long to share it with you!

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