How you can pray in September & October

CNU Hall 11.  Pray for a large Freshmen class

Our leaders have worked so hard in the last month doing outreach events – including baking hundreds of cookies and handing them out in every residence hall!  The next few weeks are a critical time when freshmen decide where they will commit after having checked out lots of organizations on campus.

This weekend (September 18-19, 2015) is our New Student Retreat.  This one-night retreat just became a part of our fall activities last year, and played a pivotal role in helping us gather freshmen & transfer students into our fellowship.  Last year we took 15 new students on retreat, and those same students stayed involved throughout the year, all the way to Rockbridge camp in May!

Our Vision Team students fundraised hundreds of dollars so that we could offer this retreat to new students for just $20 (!) per person – so money wouldn’t be a reason for anyone to say no.  Please pray that we will have even more students register in the coming week, and for students to feel that the IV community is their home.

Leadership Team '15-'16

Leadership Team ’15-’16

2.  Pray for growth in Discipleship

We want to see every leader being discipled, and for each leader to disciple one other student.  This might mean older students meeting with younger students, students of the same age holding each other accountable, or seniors meeting with adults at their local church.  The goal is to foster spiritual growth & maturity – we have felt that many of our students are under-developed merely from a lack of one-on-one spiritual conversation & guidance.

Please pray that our students will be:

  • Intentional (Seeking out others to minister TO or to receive FROM.)
  • Persevering (Continuing to meet even when their schedules get full and exams hit mid-Fall.)
  • Teachable (Willing to have the motives of their hearts exposed & corrected in all the ways that the Spirit often works in discipleship meetings.)

Hebrews 4.12

Thanks for ALL the ways you support us through prayer!

So we have come to know and to believe the love that God has for us. God is love, and whoever abides in love abides in God, and God abides in him.  1 John 4:16

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