Chapter Retreat, King David, & Urbana


Seniors (Class of 2016) pose for a picture at Chapter Retreat

“What an amazing, praise-worthy, eye opening, and community filled weekend! This Chapter Retreat at Triple R Ranch couldn’t have been planned better. I am so thankful for this community and friends that I am able to grow and walk through the toughest times with.”
(Freshman student)

“So blessed to have spent the last 4 years with this awesome community! Last chapter retreat was a success! ” (Senior small group leader)


One of the prayer stations designed by our students at Chapter Retreat.

This year’s Chapter Retreat we took the time to see the goodness of God through the story of King David.  Just like in the rest of the Big Story (the Bible), in the story of David we see the story of foolish people and a gracious God.  When you get through reading the story of David’s laziness as a king, his adultery with Bathsheba, and his attempts to cover up his sin (including murder), you realize that God’s gospel is rich indeed that David is called “A man after God’s own heart.”  No matter how far we fall, the blood of Jesus is powerful enough to forgive.

60 students came with us to have fun, enjoy getting to know one another better, and to reflect on our God and his Great Gospel! 


A small group dressed as the game “Guess Who?” at our annual small group volleyball tournament

Highlights from October & November:

-We ran 6 weeks of inductive Bible Study training for new small group leaders

-11 small groups met weekly to study Scripture & develop trustworthy relationships

January & February Prayer Requests:

-An increase in Large Group meeting quality & attendance as we switch rooms and begin meeting in the CNU Chapel.

-Our Eastern VA Area Conference, Feb. 5-7, 2016 in Hampton.  This year’s topic is Evangelism.

Thanks for Giving

Giving Update:

We’ve received multiple unexpected gifts in the last 2 months – thank you!!!  The personal gifts helped us to pay medical bills, and the ministry gifts helped balance our budget for the year.

We are currently still in need of about $3000 to begin 2016 without a deficit.

To give a year-end gift, go to


Every three years InterVarsity hosts the Urbana Student Missions Convention, gathering around 16,000 students together to learn more about our God and the mission that he calls us to be a part of.

Next week we will take 17 CNU students to St. Louis for Urbana ’15.  Please pray that God would use this event to be a place of significant growth and commitment in the lives of these college students, especially the group from CNU.

You can view the conference live at


Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

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