4 Major Milestones in May

Bethany 1

Over the course of the past month we have hit 4 major milestones:

1.  Our last Large Group of the year: I concluded our year-long study of the whole Bible from Genesis to Revelation with a brief study on the doctrine of Glorification and the promise of the resurrection, the New Heavens, and the New Earth.  After seeing the whole story all year long it was beautiful to reflect on the great ending for those who are redeemed in Christ.  We also had some “open mic” time for students to share some love for the seniors who are about to graduate.

2016-04-21 19.39.01

2.  Senior Send-Off Party:  Every year we gather the graduating seniors for a little dessert, with a chance to reflect on memories over the past 4 years, and to pray for the new students who will arrive in the Fall (that’s the class of 2020!).  Each year this is a bittersweet gathering—we’re so sad to see these students go, and they will be missed dearly, but we are so excited about sending them into the world.


3.  New Leadership Gatherings:  As we close the curtain on this school year we waste no time preparing for the next. All of the students who will be part of our leadership team gathered on a Saturday afternoon to pray for God’s blessing on their ministry next school year and to orient themselves to some of the ministry they will be doing with their various teams.  Beth and I also hosted next year’s Vision Team for a dessert to talk about vision and goals for next year.

2016-04-29 23.32.14

4.  And the Winner Is: TEAM GIRL!  Beth and I found out most importantly that Baby Gamby #2 is very healthy, and secondly that she is…well, a SHE!  We (and that’s all 3 of us—Julian is ecstatic!) cannot wait to meet our daughter this Fall.

2016-04-21 18.28.03

As we look toward the future, here’s a quick financial update:

First of all, THANK YOU to those who have joined our support team as new donors in the past few months. It has been a GREAT encouragement to us as we work towards a salary raise & staying at CNU long term!

2016-04-26 19.18.28

A few ways you can give towards the work God is doing at CNU

1.  Give toward personal needs

In order to prepare for the arrival of our baby girl, we need to purchase some furniture to make our house more functional.  We are also in need of extra funds to help cover the additional medical costs of pregnancy & delivery.

While we work (& wait) for our monthly ministry support to increase to a level where we can take a salary raise, we have an immediate need of $1000-$2000.
If you are willing to give towards our family needs this summer, would you contact Eric at ericgambardella@gmail.com?

2. Join our ministry support team in 2016
We will be participating in a chapter growth cohort this Fall, receiving coaching to help us grow the ministry at CNU.

To further help our chapter, Intervarsity will match up to the first $2000 in new support that we raise this summer! 
If you’d like to help us receive this matching grant, you can give online at  www.intervarsity.org/donate/to/cnuivstaff.

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