Intense Ministry, Intense Prayer


SG Olympics Day 16

The most intense 4-weeks:

There’s no question that the most intense 4 weeks in our calendar are the first 2 weeks at the beginning of each school year, and the 2 weeks that we run Chapter Camp at Rockbridge at the end of each school year.

For the second time I (Eric) will be directing our Worship Leaders Track at Rockbridge (May 8-20) where we will train 24 students in being effective worship leaders on campus and in the church.  These students will also lead our evening worship for the camp each night.  As we prepare to leave tomorrow morning I covet your prayers.  The amount of work that staff do over these 2 weeks is hard to put into words, but all our work is for naught if the Spirit doesn’t work!

2015-05-03 09.49.00

How you can pray for Chapter Camp May 8-20, 2016
1. Pray for the 40 CNU students coming week 1, that they will more surely know that their feet have a firm foundation in Christ, and that they would be motivated and equipped to reach CNU for Christ in the Fall.

2.  Pray for me (Eric) as I give multiple talks, lead multiple workshops, and play multiple instruments.  Please also pray for the 2 times I will address the entire camp each week (800 students total)—particularly on Thursdaynights where I will clearly share the gospel and invite students to respond.

2015-05-10 20.47.49

3.  Pray for the 3 other staff who are working this track with me, all 3 of which have some very difficult life circumstances to deal with right now.  It is a physically, spiritually, and emotionally exhausting track.

4.  Lastly, pray for Beth and Julian who will also be at camp week 1.  Pray for health and for the Spirit’s peace on both of them.

Thank you so much!
To God be the Glory!


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