The Last “Blue Ridge” Rockbridge

2016-05-14 12.42.02

The Last “Blue Ridge” Rockbridge:

We are grateful for your prayers for us and our students during Rockbridge 2016.

Most of it was great! About 40 CNU students came to listen to the Spirit, and to be trained for ministry this coming year.  It was a great joy to see the strength of this community (you can see how much they love each other), and gives me great hope for what the Lord might do in the year to come.

(Unfortunately Julian came down with pneumonia mid-week, so he and Beth had to head home early.  However, they were able to rest and visit with her parents, and they have both been in great health during the last month, so thanks for your prayers.)

I also had the privilege of publicly calling all 800 students (over the course of 2 weeks) to respond to the Lord.  Many Christians stood to confess that they had been living as orphans in some way, and committed to receive His grace and strive to live in holiness.  Many more Christians stood to confess that they had not loved their neighbor as they ought, and committed to live lives of hospitality and love to all.  Lastly, many stood to publicly declare that they had received forgiveness of sin by faith in Christ for the first time.  Praise the Lord with us for all that he has done in the hearts of these students!


We will be going to Rockbridge again next summer, but with our new Virginia region, and no longer as the Blue Ridge Region (which for years has consisted of VA, NC, and SC chapters).  You can read more about this transition here:

Read about how we’re using this summer to prepare for the fall:

And how you can pray in July & August:

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