The Summer of Preparation

First off, we want to say Thank You!

Seven of you responded to our May letter with financial gifts. Because of these we are able to finish our fiscal year on June 30 in the black.

It is so encouraging to us, not to mention practically helpful, to begin our new fiscal year without a deficit.

We are humbled and grateful for your generosity!


The Summer of Preparation:

Now that we’ve gotten some rest after Rockbridge the Preparation Season has begun.

We are working hard to prepare ourselves and our house for the arrival of our baby girl, as well as working with student leaders so they are able to start the new school year well even as our family transitions from 3 to 4 during the midst of back-to-school season.

The number one way we are preparing for the future, though, is by pursuing a long-awaited salary raise.  This raise is critical for us to remain on staff at CNU.  The next 6 months of fundraising will determine how long we are able to sustain doing campus ministry as a family.

I need both encouragement and accountability to faithfully work toward this goal so we can live out our dream of serving the campus long-term.

Will you pray for me specifically in the next 2 months?

  • As I contact 50 alumni who are not yet currently giving
  • For at least one meeting a week with prospective donors in the Hampton Roads area
  • For the Lord to bring fruit, reaping $15,000-$20,000/year in new funding



An opportunity to help: The 2016-2017 Growth Cohort

We will be participating in a chapter growth cohort this year, receiving coaching to help us grow the ministry at CNU.

To further help our chapter, InterVarsity will match up to the first $2,000 in new support that we raise this summer! 

Would you consider giving a gift to help us receive this matching grant?

Click here to give:

As always, you’ll receive a tax-deductible receipt for your gift.

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