A Healthy Start & Fun Traditions


A Healthy Start

The Lord has been good to us at the start of this school year. Our leaders have been energetic and hard at work at creating spaces where God-centered community can flourish—most notably in our 8 Small Groups and our weekly Large Group. We have a number of freshmen and transfer students that have joined our fellowship, as well as a couple of older students who are getting involved in more significant ways than in previous years.


A Fun Tradition

One of the lasting traditions of CNU IV is the annual Small Group Volleyball Tournament. Each small group shows up in costume and is judged on their costumes, “bribes” (treats for all to share), and an actually volleyball game. This year the event was placed in the middle of a “New Student Day” where new students were invited to enjoy some doughnuts and a scavenger hunt in the morning, eat lunch together, and then head to a leader’s off-campus house for a movie after the volleyball tournament.


How you can pray in November & December

1) That I would find a healthy work/life balance as I juggle campus work, connection with Ministry Partners, being Julian’s primary caretaker, my “tent-making” work (DJ-ing on the side), and spending time with my family in this precious season.

2) That our students would take up the charge that is being laid before them to be “almost annoyingly invitational” over the next few weeks. We’re asking our students to invite 10 friends to a cup of coffee, a Small Group, a Large Group and/or our Chapter Retreat. And, of course, pray for many “yes’s” in response to those invitations.

3) For our annual Chapter Retreat taking place at Camp Rudolph on November 4-6. This is always an incredibly fruitful event for us. Pray that it is so once again.

Thank you so much!
To God be the Glory!

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