Beth’s staff transition & Eric’s Spring prayer requests

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Beth: Transitioning off staff to care for family

After serving with InterVarsity for nearly 12 years, I officially left staff at the end of November.  When Faith was born in September, we sensed that the Lord was leading me off campus for this season of caring for young children.

Since my hours on campus have been limited in the last few years due to health issues and the needs of our growing family, this is more of a technicality than any major change in time spent with students.  However, it does feel like a significant transition for me in heart and mind.

Its my sincere hope to return to working with IV in the future, but in the meantime I’ll continue to volunteer on campus and at conferences and retreats as I’m able.

Some have asked how this affects our finances – due to the joint nature of our fundraising, we will continue to make the same salary – Eric was able to absorb my paycheck into his own since he was due for a raise.

We’re continually grateful for the ways you’ve supported us over the years as we continually adapt to fit the needs of both our family and our campus!


Eric’s Spring 2017 Prayer Requests

1) That my time in Orlando for our triennial National Staff Conference would renew my knowledge of God’s love for me and give me renewed vision for the gospel at Christopher Newport.

2) Conferences:  We have an Eastern Virginia Area Conference the first week of February in Hampton, and a Greek Student Conference in Raleigh 2 weekends later.  I will be directing Audio/Visuals at both while also engaging with my students who go.  Pray for energy for me during this time.


An Opportunity to Bless

If you are a regular giver would you consider making a year-end gift to help us finish 2016 well and ensure that Eric will be able to be fully present on campus next semester?

If you are not a regular giver we would also invite you to give a year-end gift, but also to consider joining us in 2017 as a regular donor.   

To give a gift, click here:

Thank you so much!
To God be the Glory!

Read more about Fall 2016 Chapter Retreat, or growth & hopes for our leadership team in Spring 2017

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