Chapter Retreat: Idols of the Heart


The Man Behind the Curtain

On the first week of November 50 students joined us at Camp Rudolph for our annual Chapter Retreat.  Our Chapter Retreats are always a fun and powerful time, but this year’s seemed to have an extra “edge” to it.  After a long conversation with the Vision Team about things that students in the chapter were struggling with, we decided to scrap our plan and spend the weekend tackling Idols of the Heart.  With only two weeks to prepare (and not having Beth with me for the first time) I was a little stressed, but confident this was the best move.


Leaning on Pastor Tim Keller’s book, “Counterfeit Gods,” we spent the weekend dismantling the promises of Success & Power, Sex & Romance, and Money & Comfort, and turning our eyes instead to the promises of God in Christ.  We all struggle with the idea that we would be happy with just a little of this or that, but when we’re honest we know that nothing in this world will ever truly satisfy.  Each session felt like pulling back the curtain and finding out that the Great Wizard of Oz (our idols) was anything but.


The conversations I had with students during the weekend and the two weeks after were incredible!  Through our talks, Bible studies, and small group time students were brought face to face with their slavery to idols. More importantly, they were brought face to face with the God who longs to set them free from such bondage and give them life!  One of our students wrote a blog post a couple of weeks after the retreat related to the Sex & Romance session and has given me permission to share with you as a testimony to how God used this retreat!

You can read Lauren’s blog post, “Why I Stopped Praying for my Future Husband”, here:

Read more about growth & hopes for our leadership team in the Spring, or Beth’s transition off staff this Fall

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