A Great Year Comes to a Close

Thanks for your prayers during the last 3 months!
Our family was able to move closer to campus (see below), Faith is now a smiley 7-month-old, we hosted a major event on campus with apologetic speaker Michael Kruger, and recently selected small group leaders for next school year!


Major Events- Told in Numbers


58:  Earlier this semester we had 58 CNU students (above) spend a weekend in Hampton for our annual Eastern VA Area Conference.  We were very excited to have such a showing from CNU. I was excited to run sound for the weekend, and Beth was able to volunteer, singing on the worship team.  It was a joy to chat with our students the following week about how they had grown over the weekend.


4:  Two weekends after the EVA Area Conference I helped produce the Greek Conference in Raleigh, NC.  We had 4 CNU students in attendance.  All 4 of them were renewed in their understanding of Christ’s love for them, their love of Christ, and committed to expressing that love by ministering to their fraternity and sorority brothers and sisters.  One of them immediately brought his training back and started a Bible Study in his fraternity!


After 12 years of renting & praying for the ability to someday own our own home, we bought a house!  We LOVE being so much closer to campus, and having so much more room.  Just a couple of weeks ago we were easily able to host about 30 students to “christen” the house for what we hope to be decades of ministry to CNU students. We are very excited and thankful about this new endeavor!


Ending the School Year: Prayer Needs for April -June

1) Camp prep/leadership training at camp – Pray for me as I prepare to direct the worship leaders track and musical worship for the whole camp during the VA InterVarsity Region’s chapter camp at Rockbridge for 2 weeks in May.

2) Graduating seniors – Pray for our Class of 2017 as they graduate; for good transitions to their new communities, jobs, and churches; and that they would be able to take what they’ve learned here and lead wherever they go.

3) Family rest over the summer: Pray for our family to have some good rest this summer after a year full of major life transitions (having a baby and moving).  Pray for our hearts to be patient, thankful, and rejoicing in the Lord more than in our circumstances.

Thank you so much!
To God be the Glory!

2015-05-10 20.47.49

Helping us end the year well

If you are a regular giver would you consider making a special once a year gift to our scholarship account? We’re looking for 3 people to sponsor a student (cost of $350) for chapter camp at Rockbridge this year.

Give a camp scholarship HERE:

If you are not a regular giver we would also invite you to give a scholarship gift, but also to consider joining us in 2017 as a regular donor.    

Give a gift to our campus ministry HERE:

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